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26 Dec

Pete and I went shopping for desks a few weeks back.

Here’s the one I picked for myself:

Here’s the one I picked out for Pete:

(Guess what my favorite celebrity meltdown of the year was.)


Life Updates

28 Sep

I just wanted to share a few very important life updates:

1. The Wicker Park Floozy (see “Lies, deceit, and other things I love” for the full story) moved out of Pete’s old apartment building, according to neighborhood sources. I’m pretty bummed about that. I bet her sugar daddy broke up with her and she couldn’t afford the outrageous rent anymore. Darn.

2. The lady I mentioned (see “Cube Etiquette”) complained in a recent meeting that she goes home with a headache everyday because the area around her is too loud. And could everyone around her really try to keep it down because she’s on the phone all day. Huh.

3. I went to Minnesota over the weekend with my mom to visit my sister at St. Olaf College. Man, that place is a trip. People SING on campus there, like it’s a freakin’ episode of Glee or something! I went to the University of Iowa and the only thing people did there was drink alcohol and make poor choices.

4. Heard this song on Pandora radio yesterday and went crazy in my car.

Other than that, I’ve  just been super busy with work and wedding planning but hope to be posting more stories next month!


15 Sep

Earlier this summer, I attended a conference for work in Washington, D.C. I was only gone for a days, but missed my fiancé all the same.

When I got home, he asked how my trip was.

I said, “It was fine, but there was this weird guy there who was hitting on me ALL week. He said I had a ‘beautiful spirit’.”

“Did he have brain damage?” Pete asked.

So don’t be surprised when I run off with the guitarist from Journey.

Volunteer Day

31 Jul

A few weeks ago, my workplace hosted a volunteer outing, where we did some painting and landscaping for a local service center. Someone hired a photographer to take pictures of us giving back to the community.

Well, I guess I wasn’t too happy with the prospect of spending my day helping others, because this is a picture of myself on that very morning. Please note that I am looking away from the speaker, so I have no idea why I’m giving a snotty look to someone in the other direction.

And then here’s a picture taken only a few minutes later, still giving snotty looks in the opposite direction of the speaker:

And that’s just one more reason I hate all photographers.

Adventures in Journalism

2 Apr

I’m feeling too lazy to write something original, so here’s a story from a few years back that I posted on my Facebook page. This is when I was still working at the newspaper. Enjoy!


The weirdest thing happened to me the other day. I wrote this story about couples in my towns who had been married forever for a Valentine’s Day story and I collected wedding photos from all of them.

I went to return them last week, and I was running late (of course). At this one house, I saw the wife, Nancy, in the car in the garage, so I ran up to the car to catch her before she left. I was standing right outside the window and waving my arms but I guess she didn’t see me because she started backing up. I was like, “Nancy! Nancy!” but she just left and closed the garage door. While I was in the garage.

I was like, “This is awkward.”

I didn’t know what to do. I kind of wanted to pretend I had never been there so I didn’t want to open the garage door because then I wouldn’t have been able to close it again. There garage is connected to the house, so I tried the door to the house. It was unlocked. So I walked through the house…but then I heard the husband talking on the phone!

I was like, “What if he sees me!!!?!?!?!?!” So I tiptoed to the front door and left the photos on the bench in their front hall, unlocked the front door, and RAN out to my car.

Later the husband sent me an e-mail that said, “Thanks for dropping off the photos!”

Do you think he wondered how they got there?

Also, I was in the bathroom at work late the other night, and I don’t know who was in there, but I heard this really low moan, just like from The Grudge! OMG, the bathroom by the front door is haunted! Don’t go in there!