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Things to note when writing my obituary

28 Dec

I read an article in the Chicago Sun-Times today about Cheetah the chimpanzee, who was featured in the 1930s Tarzan films, and died this week at age 80.

As much as I hate the exploitation of animals, I was inclined to read the entire article, which detailed the chimp’s life in a way very similar to a human life – Cheetah was an actor who loved finger painting and watching people laugh. Of particular interest to me was the last sentence of the article:

“Cobb says Cheetah wasn’t a troublemaker. Still, sanctuary volunteer Ron Priest says that when the chimp didn’t like what was going on, he would throw feces.”

Well that’s something you don’t read in an obit everyday.

So, here’s a note to my friends and loved ones: When writing my obituary, if you could please refrain from using the word “feces” it would be much appreciated.


Animal Autism

1 Nov

Last week, Pete and I were just hanging out and talking, and I asked him how his day at work had gone.

“Well, it was actually really sad,” he said. “This woman who owns an animal shelter for dogs with special needs came in and was trying to drum up fundraising money for the holiday season. These dogs are so sick – some of them only had three legs, and others have autism, and some even…”

This is where I interrupted.

How, I wondered aloud, could a dog have autism?

“Does it not like to cuddle and plays the piano really well? Does the dog not make eye contact and is into patterns and maps?” I asked.

“Well, I’m not sure, but the autistic dogs have seizures.”

“I think you mean epilepsy, not autism.”

“Oh yeah. I think you’re right.”

So that conversation got me thinking. I’m not sure if animals can have autism or not, but I found a few that I really do think fit the bill: