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Life Updates

28 Sep

I just wanted to share a few very important life updates:

1. The Wicker Park Floozy (see “Lies, deceit, and other things I love” for the full story) moved out of Pete’s old apartment building, according to neighborhood sources. I’m pretty bummed about that. I bet her sugar daddy broke up with her and she couldn’t afford the outrageous rent anymore. Darn.

2. The lady I mentioned (see “Cube Etiquette”) complained in a recent meeting that she goes home with a headache everyday because the area around her is too loud. And could everyone around her really try to keep it down because she’s on the phone all day. Huh.

3. I went to Minnesota over the weekend with my mom to visit my sister at St. Olaf College. Man, that place is a trip. People SING on campus there, like it’s a freakin’ episode of Glee or something! I went to the University of Iowa and the only thing people did there was drink alcohol and make poor choices.

4. Heard this song on Pandora radio yesterday and went crazy in my car.

Other than that, I’ve  just been super busy with work and wedding planning but hope to be posting more stories next month!



15 Sep

Earlier this summer, I attended a conference for work in Washington, D.C. I was only gone for a days, but missed my fiancé all the same.

When I got home, he asked how my trip was.

I said, “It was fine, but there was this weird guy there who was hitting on me ALL week. He said I had a ‘beautiful spirit’.”

“Did he have brain damage?” Pete asked.

So don’t be surprised when I run off with the guitarist from Journey.

It starts with an “F” and ends in an “ootball”

8 Sep

Last week, I was sitting in my fleece robe on the couch in a little ball, watching “True Life: I’m in the Marijuana Business.”

Then Pete came home. And the worst thing in the world happened.

I believe it’s called “pre-season football”.

Without so much of a “hello”, Pete walked over to the TV, switched off my trashy show, and turned on the pre-season Bears game. Then he started chanting “Football! Football!” I wanted to puke.

I immediately threw a tantrum – balled up fists, arched back, flailing limbs and all. Even that didn’t catch Pete’s attention, so after about five minutes, I got up and sulked into the bedroom to watch Netflix.

It’s not even that I hate football so much – I love watching Iowa games and the fall weather is so crisp, it’s hard not to get into the spirit of the season! But what I do hate is being ignored for FIVE AND  A HALF MONTHS. Has someone ever given you the cold shoulder for that long? Because it’s pretty miserable.

Pete cannot be reasoned with when football’s on. Speaking in grunts and shoulder shrugs can only last so long before the conversation tapers off. I’ve even tried to talk to him in the same voice I used to talk to my old dog Mousse in, but I guess Pete isn’t a dog, because it doesn’t seem to work.

But on the plus side, at least I get a lot of reading done in the fall.