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What we found in the basement

5 May

Last Sunday, Pete and I spent the day at his parents’ house cleaning his stuff out of the basement. It started with the college stuff that he had just thrown into boxes before graduation and hadn’t looked at in six years. We found old bank statements, school notebooks and every video game system that has ever existed. But some of the junk was from way back in the day, like old roller blades and elementary school papers.

Here are a few gems we uncovered:

1. Letters from old girlfriends. They were lame, like a card from an ex-girlfriend that said, “I couldn’t really think of what to get you, so I thought this card was pretty funny.”


When I was 10, I once wrote a thank you note that ended with, “P.S. My mom made me write this.” (My mom caught me in the act and ripped up the card, just in case you were wondering.) I’m pretty sure that letter was 100 times more romantic than the ex’s card.

2. A list of goals Pete’s father had written up for himself. This is what it said:

– This year: $5,000 at the Union
– May 7, 2009: Pete graduates from law school
– 2010: Retire or dead
– 2010: Ida retires 

3. A very carefully written note Pete’s friend Chris had written on the wall in permanent marker years earlier that read, “God Blease Peru”.

4. A narrative essay Pete had written in fourth grade. It was about a party he had thrown at his house with all his friends and they stayed up all night. My favorite part was the end: “We messed up the whole house. I didn’t fall asleep until 8 a.m. When I woke up, my mom had already cleaned everything. I love parties.”

5. The following poster:

My boyfriend is not deaf. Very strange, obviously, but not deaf.